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Short Courses for Clinical Staff Offered by CEHI

The schedule of courses for clinical staff includes the Primary eye care training of trainers course which aims to increase the roll-out of district- and community-based eye services that can be delivered by properly trained primary health care nurses and community based eye workers. Ophthalmic nurses are highly specialised group of professional nurses, trained to coordinate, organises and manage district eye services. Every health district should have at least one ophthalmic nurse to train primary care nurses and community based eye workers in screening, identification and managing primary care eye conditions in communities, while referring more serious eye conditions to the appropriate facilities for further management (e.g. cataract surgery and laser treatment). The Community eye health course for ophthalmic registrars is aimed at teaching future ophthalmology practitioners the principles and applications of community eye health. This will help to increase participation in planning and implementation of district eye care programmes, particularly in the South African context.

The courses in the Clinical Short Course suite introduce a standard skills and knowledge paradigm that can be implemented as part of the district/regional Vision 2020 strategy. The format of the teaching is based on team-oriented learning and application of evidence-based best practice. Peer education, coaching and mentoring is also encouraged.