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Postgraduate Diploma in Community Eye Health (PgDCEH)

What is the aim of the programme?      

The PgDCEH is aimed at providing training in eye care programme management. It is intended for people who wish to be able to plan, coordinate or manage community eye health programmes at national, district or facility level. It does NOT provide a clinical training in ophthalmology.

What are the entry requirements for the programme?  

The minimum requirements of the PgDCEH include an undergraduate four-year degree or diploma in health sciences, social sciences, or business management, or an equivalent university qualification. Recognition of prior learning is also considered, in line with the University of Cape Town’s policies.  Proficiency in English and mathematics, as well as basic computer literacy, is essential.  At least two years’ experience working in community eye health is also required.

What is the duration and the dates?      

One year

Usually from the 3rd week of February to the end of the third week of November

What is the structure of the programme?           

The PgDCEH programme is made up of 4 courses structured as follows:

  1. Course 1 comprises 12 weeks of distance study, requiring the completion of an online course and two assignments
  2. Course 2 comprises 2.5 weeks of contact study (in Cape Town), however during Covid-19 lockdown, online study.
  3. Course 3 comprises 4.5 weeks of contact study (in Cape Town - see above), during which students must complete the requisite coursework and formative and summative assessments.
  4. Course 4 comprises of 23 weeks of distant study during which students must complete a portfolio of assignment and a final course examination.         

What is the closing date?            

30 September

How can I get more information about this programme?            

Send email to, or telephone +27-21-4066039 to request specific information about the PgDCEH and visit the UCT website ( for general information about studying at the Uniiversity of Cape Town.

How do I apply? 

Only online application accepted!

Apply online by logging in to, and follow the links on the Applications tab, or clicking on and selecting “Apply online” on the right hand side of the screen. By browsing through the menu options, you may find answers to many of the questions you may have.

You may also request further information by sending an email to,
and copying to or fax to +27-21- 4066621.


Community Eye Health Institute, Division of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town
Private Bag 3, RONDEBOSCH 7700, Republic of South Africa
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