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Post Graduate Diploma in Community Eye Health

The aim of the course is to facilitate the implementation of Vision 2020 in countries in sub-Saharan Africa by offering appropriate training in community eye health to people working in blindness prevention programmes. The course starts off with a 10 week on-campus component, which is followed by 32 weeks of remote teaching and mentoring and a final two week on-campus segment.

The course is intended for people working in prevention of blindness programmes in sub-Saharan Africa. These may include national Vision 2020 coordinators, district Vision 2020 programme managers, and clinical professionals working in Vision 2020 programmes (ophthalmologists, ophthalmic medical officers, ophthalmic clinical officers, optometrists, ophthalmic medical assistants, and ophthalmic nurses). It is planned primarily for programme managers, with the intention that the participants would be able to plan and manage a district Vision 2020 programme. It does not aim to provide a clinical training in ophthalmology. The course is in English, and would therefore be most suitable for people from Anglophone African countries.