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Management training offered by CEHI in 2018

The aim of the management short courses is to develop the necessary competencies in Vision 2020 programme managers or teams and equip Vision 2020 programmes with the knowledge and skills to manage their eye care programmes on a facility, district or national level. In particular, the courses address specific competency areas in eye care programme management. They are offered as interactive learning workshops with outcomes geared towards direct application in the programmes of the participants. These courses (3-5 days in duration) aim to fill the gaps inherent to most public health programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa, notably in management and leadership, and give attention to critical aspects of successful eye care programmes, e.g. programme planning, organising of resources, control of performance, quality and as well as financial management and administration.

The courses listed are all offered at the CEHI Training Centre at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. However, health care facilities, organisations and eye care teams can request that the training be provided in-programme, where it can be more closely customised to meet the particular needs of the programme. In a similar way can the training be tailored to equip Vision 2020 management committees with the skills and knowledge to advocate for and attain improved intersectoral integration and participative management in developing eye care programmes in poor districts and countries of the developing world. Further information about this and other aspects of the training (such as costs and logistical arrangements) can be obtained by emailing us at

The format of the teaching is based on team-oriented learning and application of evidence-based best practice. Courses are run over a 3 to 5-day schedule which includes a Vision 2020 orientation session.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Community Eye Health Institute, and will retain membership of CEHI's e-resource facility, which is supported by the University's Centre for Education Technology.